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21/12/2016 11:21

Greetings and love!

We are back with our second roots dance with two local soundsystems. This event is very important for the growing soundsystem culture in Estonia. On the 20th of January place ///Kolm will host two hand-built reggae sound systems: I-Fi Soundsystem and Seafront.

When two sounds meet, they usually play their selection one by one in a row. For example, each sound plays their selection only through the speakers of their soundsystem for thirty minutes, then the other sound do the same. Closer to the end of the session the sounds blast their best selection in a row, record by record each. Soundsystems’ selectors will also talk to people a little because reggae is voice of people!

I-Fi Soundsystem family have been playing music through their speakers for almost one year. They are also known as only dub band in Estonia - Uus Energia. Expect very special fresh musical material straight from their studio and favourite crisp vinyl selection.

Seafront are going to immerse you in a musical excursion from roots to heavy dubwise. Simon Chaozlevel and Jan Steadyrocka at the controls with strong support from Puffnutty on the microphone.

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1822035428078437/

A roots dance special with:

Seafront Sound
with Chaozlevel & Steadyrocka & Puffnutty

I-FI Soundsystem
with Peedro Sandalos & Ganj Wald

Tickets: 5€
Juhkentali 11
Tallinn, Estona

The best in rocksteady, reggae, roots and dub!
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