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16/01/2006 19:19


Sorry been a bit of a stranger LOL (awww you missed me??)

Been so so busy here at Freak/Anger/Chaos HQ. Been working on new tracks, Skitty and Dylan working on new track, Raiden on way over, Gein on way over, Skynet on way over, new Therapys in the works across the World....

But here's what we got for you just date wise for any other promoters out there! Or just for snoopers who want to know whats going on with the darkside for the next few months! Its a bit long - but lots of good release info etc in there!

Lock up your Children - Darkness Cometh on Tour for 2006!!

Skynet Feb 3rd
I have one date available for Friday February 3rd, 2006 for Mr Skynet as he comes over for one weekend to the UK! Skynet paced his releases in 2005, but he’s been a very busy man settling into the new studio in Philadelphia and is ready to bust it in 2006. Apart from composing work for outside labels, Skynet’s been breathing fresh air into Underfire & Audio Blueprint’s legendary catalogs with remixes of “Timelines”, “Reverse Engineering”, and the 2001 anthem from the Clockwork LP, “Altitude”. Also, keep your ears tuned on the dancefloor for his “Scotty” VIP -a little treat for those who know. With enough love to go around, Skynet’s own labels are getting some TLC too. Skynet Recordings will release the long awaited “Reincarnate”/ “Glory Boyz”, the 12" inch killer, in February, “Moon Patrol” / “Turmoil” in March on sister label, Discrete. 2006 has Skynet’s name all over it…..

Gein: Feb 8th - 27th
Coming off a scorching 2005, GEIN is set to take things ten steps further in 2006. With an E.P. for Moving Shadow (Street Sweeper EP) and a 12" for Freak (Hate / Father Of Lies) in the bag, GEIN's forthcoming material is raising eyebrows across the board. Some current forthcoming projects include a Habit 12" (Telepathy w/Bitfiendz / Hell) that has been causing a ruckus around the world. Freak / Tech Freak will be putting out an E.P. including GEIN and Arsenic's "Bitch" and "The Sermon". Also GEIN is remixing Dylan's classic darkstepper "Witchcraft", as well as Technical Itch's "Hex. Also lined up are collaborations with the likes of the mighty Evol Intent, a release on Defcom Recordings, and more output on Habit / Freak / Tech Freak.

Counterstrike: March 16th - 27th
Counterstrike has played an instrumental role in putting South Africa on the world drum 'n bass map. Justin Scholtemeyer AKA Animal Chin and Eaton Crous AKA 500 Mills, have been active drum 'n bass DJ's on the club/rave circuit since the mid Nineties playing all over South Africa and recently England, Germany, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Slovakia and Switzerland. Counterstrike has been producing drum 'n bass as a collective since 1998. "We work together because we are into the same type of sound... it does not matter if we did a track together or seperately... it still sounds like Counterstrike." They've released just under 30 12's on various high profile labels and re-launched their own imprint, Algorythm Recordings in 2005. Apart from their busy production and DJ schedule they also find time to run the biggest monthly drum 'n bass night in South Africa called Homegrown. "We started up Homegrown in 2001 because we wanted to build a local sound and push local drum 'n bass artists."

Hive: April
Hive brings the sound of Violence to the European shores for the beginning of April! Always pushing boundaries and armed to the hilt with an artillery of fresh, new releases such as the uber-collaboration with Gridlok, D Bridge, Break and Silent Witness in “Standing Room Only”, not to mention alongside Calyx and Gridlok with “Event Horizon”. One of the busiest producers in the biz, Hive also has been working on a remix, alongside Keaton, of Moving Fusions anthem, “The Beginning” for Ram Records, and kicks off the very much anticipated “Human Violence” USA Tour alongside Dieselboy in March. Check out Violence 16, out now with one of the hottest tunes so far of 2006 “Definition / Keep Runnin” alongside TC Islam! Dates are being booked up fast, so don’t miss one of the opportunities of the year, and bring some Violence sound to your town! Dates available now are weekdays and April 14th!!

The new nasty boy on the block and the future anakin of our sound! Great producer and Dj, produces like 3 albums worth of material in one week and every single tune is amazing! With tracks such as "666", "Everything", "Masters of the Dark (MOTD)", "Life of Sin" and "Slave to Life" remixes, this guy is just beyond on fire! He's currently organising his blackhole of material into one albums worth to be released later in the year on Tech Freak. Although hard as nails, Limewax is able to cross over through shear amount of technical and musical talent and is becoming a firm favourite of not only the dark inclined but as across the board as from Mary Anne Hobbs, to even Bryan G!! (Believe it or not LOL). Together with SPL, these boys blew the roof off Therapy London for our debauched XXXmas party and while SPL seaps into the US for a bit, Limewax is still available for bookings through out the UK and Europe!

Tech Itch
Mr Nasty is staying in Europe indefinitely now, so you can get your grubby little hands on the hardest motherfucker in the scene for the rest of the year (between US and OZ/NZ tours)!! 2006 see's Mr. Itch hard at work as always, managing both Penetration labels and Tech Itch Recordings with such tracks as "Haunted/Wraith" out now on Penetration 19 and “Envioius Eye’s/The Ungrateful” out on Tech Itch Recordings (045), working alongside Goldie on his new album, as well as, Tech Freak (in conjunction with Dylan), being a resident slayer with Therapy Sessions, and a fistful of disgusting dubs yet to be released (such as the SPL EP) - this man is the definition of darkness! Also a new deal with MP3 site Tune Tribe, means you can download the master’s tracks at www.tunetribe.com/techicth or www.tunetribe.com/penetration for £1 (or £1.50 for full release!)!!! Check it out!!

Currently hard at work on collaborations with D Bridge, Raiden and Skitty, Mr Freak also has a slew of HUGE releases lined up to hurt you this year! His sets blend the disgusting with the techy, melodic, choppage and metal – and always a favourite at events across the globe. Email asap for available dates for the next few months in Europe, as from April he may be on tour for most of the remainder of the year abroad!!! (Phew!)

The Bkster has gone all old school on us as of late, and after his amen crunching nastiness on tracks like the "Whorror" and "Test" he has come over all, in my opinion, 1996 on us with some amazing new tracks - loving "Envious Eyes" as a staple to each and every set and the newest (seriously so so good) yet untitled track which brings back the vibe of a deep, nasty Source Direct. Awesome stuff from Bkey and his dates have come flooding in the last few months. A great DJ and producer and without a doubt a recommendation from the Anger Camp...

Robyn Chaos
The last two years have seen Mrs. Chaos go from strength to strength with tours in the US, New Zealand, Australia and a choc-o-block schedule around Europe! Spreading the evil in a way only a woman can (with a bit of sugar, a smile and killer heels), Chaos has a slew of long awaited tunes ready to drop this year, namely “The Suffering”, and the, newly signed to Metalheadz deep, dark roller, “Salvation”. With a schedule that includes promoting the Therapy nights in the UK and Worldwide, spinning regularly, and working hard in the studio on new material alongside Dylan, Tech Itch, Raiden, and Limewax/SPL, her fury is ready to be unleashed in 2006!!

Vicious Circle
2006 is already shaping up to be a massive year for the crew. A feature in the year’s first issue of Knowledge magazine gets things under way. First up on the release schedule is the techno tinged conga thuggery of ‘Between the Lines’ coming on Hardware’s flagship Carpe Diem LP in March followed swiftly by the crews first solo artist EP which so far includes ‘Pandora’s Box’ a twisted minimal homage to the 98 sound and Optiv’s screeching, squelching remix of ‘Doomtrain’. Also in the pipeline are a 12” for Teebee’s seminal Subtitles imprint, a remix of a classic Hardware track, and some more big name collaborations including Evol Intent and Rymetime. The crew have also been asked to mix the 4th installment of Hardware’s ‘Future Beats’ mix CD series, due for release in the early part of the year.With a strong set of releases and shows lined up for 2006, looks like Vicious Circle could well be the name on everyone’s lips.

Check out the roster for more artists such as Universal Project, Kryptic Minds, Loxy, Ink, Nocturnal, + more, available for bookings throughout the Uk and Europe!

FEB 11TH@ARENA, VIENNA - RAIDEN, GEIN + local support

and more to be announced soon!! phew!!!

Any questions, feel free to hit me up!

Regards and hope everyone's post holiday "detox" is going well! personally, I just continue 'tox'in...fuck it

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16/01/2006 22:05

somebody book vicious circle
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17/01/2006 06:52

somebody book vicious circle

My gut feeling tells me we might be hearing from those crazy bastards real soon ;)

I might be wrong though, who knows :D

Anyhow, glad to hear from you Robyn, mad props for all the info, I love every single one of the artists mentioned in your post and can't wait to hear their new stuff. Hopefully we will see some of them playing in Estonia as well, it's been a while since we last had some real dark drum'n'bass sounds smashing up a party here.

P.S. I prefer "toxin'" to "detoxin'" any time as well, haha, though gotta take a break every once in a while to stay in touch with reality :D

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17/01/2006 08:06

somebody book vicious circle

fcin WORD !
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17/01/2006 14:59

anyway, wait on 5th element for vicios circle, chase & status and spor... they will be here :@
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17/01/2006 15:01

i really dont believe you, but if its true, its very nice news
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17/01/2006 15:12

ive just heard that those 3 will be in april at the same time... and where? the only possibility is 5th element :)))
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17/01/2006 15:24

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17/01/2006 17:07

i dont think so .......
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17/01/2006 17:09

that gey john b will be 100% @ 5element i saw hes tourdates and on 7 april he will be playin @ estonia....and i dont think there will be not much dnb guests this year @ 5element, more techno, breaks guests

skyzer :D stop writing bullshit....where did u hear that those 3 hardware killas will be here...
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17/01/2006 17:48

hardware killas :D:P
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17/01/2006 19:09

wow, 5th element is on my birthday again? :D too bad i'm turning 25 and have to stay home :P
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