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02/03/2006 22:43

320' mp3: 3 free tunes by Hi-Lar [T-FREE-3EP004]

The 4th T-FREE-3EP also goes against the borders of DNB.
This time not with amex' minimal Techno-DNB, but with more
experimental beats by Hi-Lar, deep and without compromise.

Though this seems like a break to the style of T-FREE,
it is the try to integrate a more experimental approach,
without getting too far away from the original idea.
Following releases on T-FREE will go to back to "techoid":
The next tunes are comimg from D-Struct, Azrael and Flame.

As usual, everybody is free to download, share and mix these tunes,
and share mixes with these tunes in them, as long as no profit is made,
the tunes don't get altered and artists and titles are mentioned correctly.


Hi-Lar - "Prod 056 [ Thundergrowl" (320 kbps - 06:18 min mp3 - 14.7 mb)
--> http://www.trio-music.de/mp3/320/T-...hundergrowl.mp3

Hi-Lar - "Next Wave" (320 kbps - 05:31 min mp3 - 12.9 mb)
--> http://www.trio-music.de/mp3/320/T-..._-Next_Wave.mp3

Hi-Lar - "Prod 089 [ Killswitch" (320 kbps - 03:45 min mp3 - 7.0 mb)
--> http://www.trio-music.de/mp3/320/T-..._Killswitch.mp3

Info textfile
--> http://www.trio-music.de/mp3/320/T-FREE-3EP004.txt

Complete rar-archive
--> http://www.trio-music.de/mp3/320/T-FREE-3EP004.rar

More tunes & info: www.tilt-recordings.com/t-free
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