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21/06/2006 12:16


Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!

Here's a bit of an update from the insane hotel of drum and bass nutters that is Anger Freak HQ..check out DOA for a video of the new DnB supergroup of The Panacea, Evol Intent, Limewax, SPL and Dylan (LOL) - search Dylan Super Group Movie...

..so you can see what I'm working with here - in studio last night attempting a musical 6 way LOL - will keep you posted!! hehehe

But TONIGHT live on www.bassdrive.com you can check out Therapy Sessions Live from London's Herbal from 10pm GMT!!

The_ Panacea
Evol Intent b2b SPL

Hosted by Mc's AD and System


Our Therapys are spreading like little beacons of sweet evil across the globe, bringing some homegrown darkness from our family to yours!! Here are some of our non monthly events lined up for the next few months if you can catch them!

July 8th - Exit Festival, Novi Sad (stage.happynovisad.co.yu)
July 28th - Opera House Bournemouth UK
August 3rd - Bradford Rio, Bradford, UK
Sept 15th -_ Ribarroja, Valencia, Spain (http://www.ritum.com/mdbf.html)
Sept 16th - 1st Birthday Party @ Arena!!_ Vienna, Austria
Sept 30th - Manchester UK

If you haven't already peeped, you can check out amazing videos complete from our incredible St Petersburg and Latvian sessions (June 10th and 17th) at www.angeruk.net (thanks Radio Russia and Invasion!)

We have dates lined up for Therapy Tours in September - November in Belgium, Latvia, Berlin, another disgusting Bristol Black Swan date, the US, and more!! To become part of our posse, don't hesitate to hit me up with Therapy as the subject ;)

Last but not least, a little reminder of upcoming tour dates for internationals (now Dylan and myself being one for the next year) so you can plan in advance as these dates are so far only dates available before Spring 2007!!

Dylan: last date free on Sept 23rd until Jan 2007
Robyn Chaos and Counterstrike: touring October 13th - 29th
Evol Intent: Sept 16th (weekend before or after available)
Hive: Last two weeks of November

and of course, any queries for our European based artists such as Technical Itch, Raiden, Limewax, The Panacea, Audio, Bkey, Current Value, Vicious Circle, Outrage, Skitty, The Sect, Propaganda, Loxy, Ink, and many more, please don't hesitate to pop me a mail to [url=http://##hidden##n@angeruk.net[/url]!

Lots of love!
xx Robyn
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21/06/2006 15:24

what about next therapy in estonia?
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22/06/2006 17:06

hopefully soon!! but we have to get moving to US out of way - its giving me grey hairs LOL - we'll keep you posted!! ;)

also.. here's a small vid of Panacea that was filmed at the end..(the sound's a tad distorted LOL)


sorry but the internet in the club went down around 11pm (to anyone tuning in that was a bit confused ;) - but pretty much all the sets will be posted online at http://www.angeruk.net/therapy/ in the next week...

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