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03/07/2006 02:15

amex/Kaiza -Sourcream / Budoka -Whiplash [TILT004]

The fourth vinyl release on Tilt-Recordings is coming very soon.

tunes (128 kbps mp3 clips):
--> A: amex/Kaiza - "Sourcream" (Infoseite)
--> B: Budoka - "Whiplash" RMX (Logoseite)
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24/07/2006 15:14

Now on promo, available in record shops.

Promo text:

Following three artist singles, TILT004 is the first split release on Tilt-Recordings.
After the sound of Budoka (Darmstadt, Germany) on T!LT#001 and TILT002, the debut tunes by amex/Kaiza (Mannheim, Germany) on TILT003 have gained the interest of the more technoid DNB loving end of the scene. These were followed by two releases on the free mp3 netlabel T-FREE ("Schlontz" by amex/Kaiza and "Invisible Killer" by Budoka), which have been acknowledged in the DNB community all over the world. Now on TILT004 amex/Kaiza and Budoka go for a shared release to bring their two different approaches to technoid DNB together on one vinyl: innovative Techno-DNB and solid Neurofunk.

amex/Kaiza - "Sourcream"
Mannheim's finest deliver another dancefloor-smashing stepper, designed to take the listener on a trip into the world of uncompromising Techno-DNB. Like "Shrinz" it is a harsh and bouncing tool to move everybody`s ass. After a DJ friendly intro, the drop and stabs paying tribute to Detroit, the tune seems to be on it's highest point... But just then it drops deeper into counterdynamic arrangements and doubles the pace. Again, the genuine beat and percussion works in combination with the on-point use of Techno stabs and vocals as lead and rhythmic elements roll the hell out of the devil, displaying the way tunes should be nowadays according to amex/Kaiza's point of view.

Budoka - "Whiplash" RMX
The logo side of TILT004 exemplifies the flip side of the label sound: subtle fx and elctronic elements over a huge midrange/sub bass construct and an also rolling yet more organic beat, still keeping some melody. The intro builds up a deep, catchy and almost housy atmosphere only to drop into Budoka`s very own interpretation of massive Neurofunk to tear up dancefloors. Various fills sum up and turn to a further role in the everplaying antagonism between the straight groove and the atmospheric deepness. (The original tune "Whiplash" had been produced in 2001 and got positive feedback on dubplate, but has never been released on vinyl. Now, years later, Budoka has made a remix while upgrading the sound quality to DNB standards of today and adding some new structure and elements, eventually creating a new tune different to the original.)


Complete promo sheet: http://www.tilt-recordings.com/releases/TILT004.pdf
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24/07/2006 15:21

Budoka - Whiplash kickass tune :)))
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27/09/2006 10:40

Full release!
This week TILT004 hits the record stores (distribution via S.T. Holdings).
As usual, it's also available in the shop on the label homepage:
--> http://www.tilt-recordings.com/shop.htm

This is how the tunes sound on vinyl (64 kbps mp3):
--> http://samples.chemical-records.co.uk/mp3/TILT004-A.mp3
--> http://samples.chemical-records.co.uk/mp3/TILT004-B.mp3

...and that's how it looks:
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