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04/07/2006 18:30


Jungle Royale Music & Trilogy Sound proudly present:

Foundation European Tour 2006


Debaser and Tester

Throughout September & October 2006 these two pioneering junglists, who have been on the forefront of the ragga-jungle revival since the beginning, will be taking their sound the world round and spreading their own unique brands of ragga-jungle.

Debaser, the head of Jungle Royale Music & Press Up Records has been djing professionally for over 8 years, and has amassed a discography of releases deeper than almost anyone else in this scene. He blends his back catalogue and old school rarities with the hottest dubplates from producers worldwide. His versatile style ranges from hardcore jungle mashups to rolling hybrid reggae/jungle tunes featuring vocals from the brightest stars and hottest up-and-comers in the reggae community including, Johnny Osbourne, Willi Williams, Ken Boothe, Demolition Man and many more.

Tester aka the Soundbwoy Assassinator of Trilogy Sound Crew and Murdah One Sound has been on the front lines since the foundation days, and his thousand pound dub crate reflects just that. His distinctive brand of ragga-jungle murderation has been a favorite amongst DJs, producers and listeners alike. Boasting releases on labels such as Tuff Gang International, Top Ranking and Jungle Royale, as well as extensive touring across North America, this bass heavy soundbwoy-from-birth is poised to rock Europe back into the dark ages.


We are pleased to offer these two world-class DJs for your event.

Both will play separate 1 - 1/2 hour sets; with an additional 1-hour back 2 back if requested.

Tester can play either jungle, or alternatively can represent Murdah One Sound with his crews' exclusive reggae dubplates.

Required equipment is 2 x Technics 1200 series turntables, mixer, and an independent volume controlled monitor for the DJ booth. At least 1 professional CDJ with pitch control. A manned table to host CDs, Vinyl & T-shirt sales is also preferred.

Please note: if a reggae set is requested, 2 x CDJs are required.


For booking enquiries contact:



Current Dates: (pending)

Sept. 22nd, Brussels, Belgium
Sept. 23rd, Paris, France
Sept. 24th, Available
Sept. 25th, Available
Sept. 26th, Available
Sept. 27th, Available
Sept. 28th, Leuven, Belgium
Sept. 29th, Cologne, Germany
Sept. 30th, Mannheim, Germany

Oct. 1st, Brussels, Belgium
Oct. 2nd, Leipzig, Germany
Oct. 3rd, Available
Oct. 4th, Available
Oct. 5th, Available
Oct. 6th, Warsaw, Poland
Oct. 7th, Krakow, Poland
Oct. 8th, Available
Oct. 9th, Available
Oct. 10th, Available
Oct. 11th, Available
Oct. 12th, Available
Oct. 13th, Lisbon, Portugal
Oct. 14th, Porto, Portugal
Oct. 15th, Available
Oct. 16th, Available
Oct. 17th, Available
Oct. 18th, Available
Oct. 19th, Available
Oct. 20th, Available
Oct. 21st, Available
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