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19/08/2006 13:49


aaalmost better then "Snakes on a Plane" LOLOL

Well to let you all know as I'm usually busy promoting other people....its all about this bad bitch right here right now!!! So check it..;)

I'm over from October 13th - 31st as touring around the fan-bloody-tastic Therapy Bristol Weekender on Friday Oct 13th, Therapy London on the 18th, Therapy Latvia on the 21st, , Therapy Berlin on the 27th, and Therapy Manchester on the 28th and have three dates left while on tour which aaaareee *Drum roll*.....

**Oct 14th, 20th, 31st**

I would love to play out as much as poss and get to meet some of you in person that I havent met yet, check out areas so I can help you with future bookings or events, and as next time out to Europe may not be until Jan 2007, if interested - Oct is the time!! So any free dates looking for a darkside biatch to repre-fuckin-sent, let me know!!

Price wise, depends on capacitys etc - so just let me know...I'm pretty flexible but as coming from US now - that has to be taken into consideration - but ticket already bought so no international flightshare is neccessary...

You can read up on me on www.angeruk.net and check out streams of me b2b at Therapy Sessions on www.therapysessions.co.uk , also check out www.myspace.com/robynchaos for new pics from South Africa - an insane video of the Homegrown event with Counterstrike (if havent seen on DOA already), and all sorts of music clips etc!

I've just had release on Metalheadz "Salvation", have tracks on Freak, Outbreak, run Anger (obviously), 12' on Freak ready to rock for release in Fall, handle Therapy Sessions UK/Worldwide (this for some of you that don't know)...Touring US, Oz/Nz, Japan and all over Europe this year..this year alone so far, I have played in Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Serbia (Exit Festival) all over UK, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, and more!!

So I think most of you have an idea of what I do - and if not check it out or feel free to ask me anything you need!! Oct 14th available with Counterstrike if budget permits!

Lots of love and thanks in advance - lets rock the party!!

xx Robyn Chaos

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