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27/09/2006 12:48

News & Sinuous Records Signs Proket from Moscow, Russia

Sinuous Records Signs Proket from Moscow, Russia
Alexey aka Proket was born in 1986 in the very cold Russian city of Norilsk. He moved to his beloved city of Moscow in 2000 and after 2 years of settling into his new home Proket started to produce. Within the same year he met Denix (Denis) and a few months later Feom (Timur) and Roland (Igor), it was then that PRODE was created. Their first signing was on Recon Recs with the mighty 'El Nino' and it wasn't long before they became known as The KGB of Drum & Bass.

In 2006 Proket decided to start producing his own solo tunes. "I want to make schranz Techno D&B, I like to call it Techno & Bass(TNB)". You'll understand where he's coming from if you have listened to his forthcoming release on Sinuous Records "Locomotive".

Although Proket (as a solo artist) is still a newcomer on the scene he already has forthcoming releases with Raiden's Offkey and Trace's DSCI4.

To hear Prode's Reunion Mix click here - http://prode.ru/tunes/prode_reunion_mix.mp3

' Broken Souls' EP Sinuous Records Sin013

a. Bug Juice - Nc-17 & Corrupt Souls
b. Distant Echo - Masheen
c. Ring - Codex
d. Breakaway - Identity

Sinuous Records turn in another heavyweight EP and look set to smash things up even more with a compilation holding four outstandingly original tracks.

First up is a collaboration from Canadian based ‘NC-17’ and Josh ‘Impulse’ Clarke of ‘Corrupt Souls’ with the massive floor shaking anthem a. ‘Bug Juice’ already murdering it up on the dancefloors and getting top dj support.

On the flip is the newcomer Masheen with b.‘Distant Echo’. Menacing bass assault and gut wrenching subs that cut up the dance floor. Masheen’ has got some real smashers on the way and will definitely be makin' a stance in the scene with tracks on Flatline Audio , Recon and A & R for Trace DSCI4.

Also new signings to the Sinuous imprint bringing the sounds from Belgrade, Serbia is Codex. c. 'Ring' grabs your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat, with a malicious atmosphere and sickening samples. There is no turning back on this one. Nasty stuff.

And keeping up the high standards, last but not least is Rio De Janiero's Identity with d. Breakaway. This track opens up with a futuristic ambience and has techy bleeps which increase the intensity. It is a slice of tough clean tech-funk, with massive mechanical reece bassline hooks. These guys are taking no prisoners!!

Look out for the Broken Souls E.P available in all good record shops. Also keep up to date with all the latest news on Sinuous' recently updated webite www.sinuousrecords.co.uk.
Plus Mp3 Digital Download of all Sinuous Catalogue.

Promos out now click :

kano - return to the end - demo mix

http://www.dedicationcrew.com/Audio... to the End.mp3
1/ Codex - Novac - Inrto
2/ Prode - Gardarika - 1:30
3/ Pyro & Phono - AvailableTechnology (Metrik Remix) 5:10
4/ Noisia - block control-vip - 8:55
5/ Raiden (Feat.GG Allin) -I Hate You Motherfuckers- 10 :55
6/ Masheen & Fuze - The Wrech 13:18
7/ Vector Burn - Spider garden - 16:50
8/ Mindscape - freezing point - 20:24
10/DStruct + Nothx - Anti Life - 22:33
11/Raiden & The Sect - Cesium 137 - 25:45
12/Identity & Kano - Unknown - 27:55
13/R.D.S - Clensing - 29:22
14/The Sect & AXiS & Trank - Victim - 31:50
15/Masheen - Earth Shock - 34:30
16/Masheen & Kano - Breaking Point - 36:25
17/Phobia & Fragment - Rise Above - 40:19
18/Sunchase - Im not Dead - 42:27
19/Noisia & Teebee -Time stops - 45:40
20/DStruct - Foreign Substance - 48:05
21/Pyro - Fade - 51:12
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