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16/07/2008 12:58

C64 - Europe Tour October / November – Looking for Dates

C64 - Europe Tour - October / November 2008

Dross:tik Records: www.drosstik.com
Make:Shift Records: www.makeshiftrecords.ca
Toronto, Canada

Greetings. I will be on tour in Europe in October / November.
Will be promoting my new dj mix cd, “Lowest Moments”, featuring a back catalogue mix of the past 9 years of Low Res (released by Low Res & Dross:tik out soon!). Available for Breakcore or DnB set (or a little bit of both).

Booking dates now – get in contact to sort it

What you get:
-very affordable paul oakenfold wannabe Breakcore / DnB dj
-a humorous canadian who can charm almost anyone
-a mobile party machine – ready to kick ass!!
-tons of new tracks and oldie favourites all mixed in a blitz-out fashion before your eyes.
-promises not to hit on your mom….or girlfriend….whichever one you live with.
-is cool with crashing on your floor
-equipment specks required – two “working” turntables and a mixer (for vinyl and serato scratch use)

Email me at c64_beatz (@) yahoo.com
Or hit me up on the myspace: www.myspace.com/c64dj


All kinds of mixes



Artist Bio

Chris Minifie, under the moniker of c64, consistently chooses to push the boundaries of electronic dance music, and remains a constant figure on the underground breakcore / DnB scene.

Known for his hard hitting sets filled with complex drum work, wild mixing skills and creativity, c64 has emerged as one of the most unique breakcore dj`s, often blending the full spectrum of breakcore / jungle / DnB along with other genres and styles into his sets. His range of styles is evident with the range of artists he has performed alongside with, including Amon Tobin, Luke Vibert, Shitmat, Knifehandchop, Jason Forrest, Plaid, Breakage, Klute, Blame, Panacea and Enduser.

Having toured in support of Knifehandchop (USA 2002), a European tour backing Venetian Snares (May 2005), as well as individual European and Japan tours in 2006 and 2007, including his first performance in Russia (July 2007), c64 has firmly entrenched his mark on the international scene. In addition to this, c64 has performed at such well known international events as the Wasted Festival in Berlin, Donau Festival in Austria, Bangface and Technicality in London, Kamikaze Warfare in Rennes, North by Northeast in Toronto, DEMF in Detroit and Murder Channel in Tokyo.

In 2004, c64 was signed to France-based breakcore label Peace Off Records, resulting in the labels first dj mix CD titled “Transitional Days”. This explosive 29 track, live-studio dj mix CD, showcases the obvious raw skill and energy poured into his dj sets.

On top of a busy dj schedule, c64 also operates two distinctly different record labels, Dross:tik Records and Make:Shift Records. Dross:tik, formed in 2002, is a label focused around the evolving sounds of breakcore and experimental electronics, while Make:shift Records, started in 2003, delves deep into the sounds of left-field DnB and downtempo / breakbeat. Both labels work on a similar format, with vinyl releases geared towards dj oriented music, while the CD releases tend to focus on artist concept albums that reach outside the scope of conventional breakcore and DnB.

A fixture on the Toronto underground scene and co-operator of Splinter Productions, c64 has been instrumental in the development of breakcore and left-field DnB in Toronto, staging numerous events over the past 7 years featuring international and local artists.

Respected for his absolute devotion to the music and humble approach to the dj`ing, c64 continues to push forward in his performance-based pursuit of creative, challenging and energetic dance music.
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