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12/08/2010 09:26

This Saturday in ArtCafe.


…Rocking the mic live:

TRAINSPOTTERS - live crew from Sweden, on their European tour

JAG - our neighbour from Finland, touring with Trainspotters

GORQ LANA - this Tallinn crew does not need advertising!

Homeboy behind the decks:



Cash: 50 eek
Pack the place: 22:00
Bar open: 20:00
All SAKU beers: 30 eek

Trainspotters and Jag stay at Euphoria Hostel and are fed by Taipan



TRAINSPOTTERS are George Kaplan, 21 and Rewind, 23. From cold Umeå, live shows in New York, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm and at major festivals around Scandinavia got these kids warmed up and comfortable with mics since 2004.

The discography is up for grabs on iTunes, Spotify and Pirate Bay, but with the help of Random Bastards over 6 000 independently made vinyls, DVDs, CDs and cassettes has been circulating the globe over the years, as well as t-shirts, hoodies, flyers and sticker stacks. Records not sold out can be found in crates around cities such as Tokyo, Boston, London and Berlin.

Acclaimed beat maker Academics, 20, is now the main producer and uses his Korgs to further establish that unique, funky and dirty sound Rewind & Kap are known for. Collaborations on and off stage with artists like Supersci, Eboi, Allyawan, Prop Dylan, Addeboy vs Cliff, Marke, Mofeta and Cleo shows the wide range of influences and open-mindness in Trainspotters music.

Backed up by DJ and manager Chefen on the turntables, the group recently took the concept of live shows to the next level. Adding drums (Marc Tare Lugnt), synthesizer (Academics), bass guitar (Matts Katt), trumpet and saxophone (Frida and Mårten of Glesbygd'n) turned out great and gave Trainspotters a Sweden tour as well as national TV, radio and print coverage last year. Also, Kaplan's hundreds of bars received air time at Ametist on SR Metropol, on Whoa TV, My Best Friend Is My Grind and of course Random Bastards TV.

It's early 2010 and right now the studio is the business for Hannes and Eric. Trainspotters are going for the hat trick with mixtape, EP and album!






WEBSITE - http://www.trainspotters.se
MYSPACE - http://www.myspace.com/trainspotters
FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trainspotters/7413081114
TWITTER - http://twitter.com/randombastards
YOUTUBE - http://www.youtube.com/randombastards
SPOTIFY - http://open.spotify.com/artist/21UTRgcUywyBM5MTd6AWOI
ITUNES - http://www.itunes.com/trainspotters
LABEL - http://www.randombastards.com


JAG became active as an MC in 2004 as one half of the rap duo Fundamentals. Music started playing an even bigger role in JAG’s life in 2005 when the collaboration with producer and good friend Bluf started. The D-Rock-produced and Bluf-featured summer anthem “Back in the city” won a radio station's demo competition and opened the doors to the legendary club Tavastia in Helsinki to open up for Redrama and Loop Troop’s Promoe. Since then JAG has performed actively around Helsinki as both headliner and opening act at venues such as Club Liberté, Korjaamo and Virgin Oil Co. One of JAG’s dreams came through in July 2008 when he had the honor of opening up for Ice Cube in Helsinki. JAG was also seen hosting the Beats & Sounds – hip hop competition in 2008. JAG has gathered a quite loyal following through web-releases and performances, and an energetic and charismatic stage presence is definitely one of his pros. JAG’s debut release, the Average Jay EP, includes both older and newer material, and collaborating with different producers and touching different topics and styles ensure the variety of the album, reaching from rugged battleraps to love"ballads" and electronic sounds. Later in '09, JAG hooked up with Sergeantman, Bluf and Mici for a new summer anthem "Sunshine Vibes", which topped a national radiostation's chart for 3 weeks, and stayed on the chart for 11 consecutive weeks. As for now, JAG & Bluf are in the lab cookin up something new for 2010, so stay tuned! Bookings and additional information: jag-##hidden##

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/jag-music#ixzz0wJDs7cj7
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