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01/05/2014 14:09

Vector Burn - "Ghost Maps" LP Sampler [Internet Rec. www022]

Vector Burn - "Ghost Maps" LP Sampler [Internet Recordings www022]

Audio: http://soundcloud.com/internet-recordings/sets/www022

1. Vector Burn - "Spider Garden"
2. Vector Burn - "JamOnIt"
3. Vector Burn - "Seven Thorns" (sampler exclusive; wav included in the zip file)
4. remix sample packs (sampler exclusive; wavs included in the zip file)

Download (all-in-one zip file): www022__Vector_Burn_-_Ghost_Maps_LP_Sampler.zip (mirror)

Artwork in higher resolutions: front .jpg and back .jpg

(Photography by Scott Kinsey)

Vector Burn, once a familiar name to Drum & Bass, had disappeared for years...
Now he says hello to the scene; watch out for his "Ghost Maps" LP to drop soon!

Meanwhile enjoy this sampler with three previously unreleased tunes with assorted remix samples - unconstrained remixing is strongly encouraged!

(The remix samples and the Dubstep tune "Seven Thorns" are exclusive to this sampler; the two Drum & Bass tunes "Spider Garden" and "JamOnIt" will reappear on the LP)

Vector Burn links: Facebook, Myspace, Discogs, Wikipedia

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