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09/12/2016 07:00


For Criterion Records latest venture in a long running series of vinyl only releases, we are proud to announce the brand new single single from the inimitable Sonar's Ghost. Renowned for his genre spanning explorations within drum & bass, techno and broken beats, Sonar's Ghost presents two brand new deep and atmospheric jungle pieces.
We are first greeted by the chiming, hazy intro of 'Soundless Fusion' which pairs restrained percussive drum hits with female, spoken vocals before launching into an intense, amen break driven drop. 'Soundless Fusion' clearly takes it's inspiration from vintage, mid-nineties intelligent jungle through it's expert implementation of soothing melodic textures and rugged percussive elements.
Companion piece, 'Unimaginable Power' follows a very similar classic, atmospheric, drum & bass template with it's use of soaring pads, gentle flute notes and chiming, Oriental rhythmic melodies overlaid by an intricately chopped and rolling amen drum pattern to create a a track that would not sound out of place in a Bukem set circa 1995.
If the sounds of legendary labels such as Good Looking, Creative Source, and Photek hold a huge place in your heart, then Sonar's Ghost on Criterion Records will prove to be an essential addition to the collection.


AVAILABLE @ http://www.criterionrecords.org/pro...ion-records-014
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