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06/01/2017 13:23

T!LT - Urban Loopdrop @ Club Sakog, Austria (26.11.16)



Forest Drive West - Jungle Crack (Rupture LDN)
Outer Heaven - Creation (117 Records)
Murderbot - More Guns (Dead Homies)
Phuture T - Ritual (Unreleased)
Jem One - Love Locked (Holotype Audio)
Dug - Sirens (Jedi Recordings)
Precision - Smach it All (Nurtured Beatz Recordings)
Goreteks - Robette (Monochrome Recordings)
Foth - The Crunch (Bill Up Recordings)
Zebedee - The Cutchie (Logical Direction Recordings)
Champa B - Deception (Holotype Audio)
Goreteks - Imperial (Omni Music)
Double O - Ivory Lion "Phuture T Remix" (Eastern Promise Audio)
DJ Apophis - Fear (Skankaz Delight)
Paragon - Again & Again (Lossless Music)
Viva City - Have You Ever Felt So Messed? "Tech Itch RMX" (VeRT Recordings)
Evol Intent & Gridlock - We are not Alone (Evol Intent Records)
Rez - Evil Dread (Wicked Jungle Records)
Thierry D - Dark Sunday (Division Bass Digital)
T.A.S Crew - Mental History (Block Control Records)
FFF - Reality (Murder Channel)
DJ Apophis - Warpath (Skankaz Delight)
Space Lion - Celestal Roar
Mutants - Era (117 Records)
Mutants - Golden Days (117 Records)
Mr Sensi & Tim Reaper - Planet Earth (Green Bay Wax)
Mutants - Warehouse Flashback (117 Records)
FFF - Conqueror (UKJ)
Ricky Force - Bad Rep "Phuture-T RMX" (Criterion Records)
The Ethiopians - Everything Crash "Phuture-T Amen Mix"
Theory ft Chieftan Joseph - Hi Grade (Rupture LDN)
Tony Jungle - Real Playa (UKJ)
Kyam - Nola (Subtle Audio)
Cryogenics - Blackest Tempest (Audio Theory Records)
Phuture T - Nuclear Void (Alphacut ARC3003)
Ricky Force - Hardcore (Pinecone Moonshine)
Fada - 96 Visions (Omni Music)
Xanadu - Maglev (Dom & Roland Productions)
Bassinfected - Obscurity (forthcoming: Hangout Music "The Grey Division")
B Key - Man of Science (Scientific Wax)
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