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05/02/2017 18:00

Dj Zy:on-Bladerunner Subterranean-Exclusive mix


Click the link above to listen to the mix!!

Episode 300 is up and comin at ya!!
Exclusive, vinyl only mix from Dj Zy:on, aka Brian Belle-Fortune, author of All Crews!!
Zy:on's exclusive mix, titled, Bladerunner Subterranean, is a vinyl only mix, which starts off with some jungle classics and switches up into some dark and heavy business, the mix traverses a couple of ragga tunes, remixes of classics, and adds some funky vocal infused tunes!! There is not track listing for this mix, but I had an easy time trainspotting a lot of these tracks, because I have a lot of the records played in this mix!!
For more music from Dj Zy:on and info on where to purchase All Crews, please click on the links below:
You can also purchase All Crews on Kindle too!
Enjoy the sounds of Dj Zy:on!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!
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