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08/03/2018 08:32

Klubi KOLM /// - Juhkentali 11, Tallinn

★InsectorFamily Presents:★

1st time in Estonia...

★★★ Nick Bee (UA) ★★★
[ Invisible Recordings, Eatbrain ]
[AXON Records, Bad Taste Recordings ]

- - -
- - -
With one foot set in the future and another amongst neurofunk DNB's architects, Nick's trademark sound is not easily classified. Morphing, animalistic basslines project through sonic space in perfectly organized chaos, with structure provided by painfully sharp drums. Never conforming to any set mold, Nickbee's allegiance to innovation makes a quirky, experimental element a defining factor of his music. Perhaps most impressive is the young artist's mastery of next-level sound design, which is never forced or overdone; only tastefully applied in careful amounts, always striking that perfect balance of hi-tech and low-fi…a skill reserved only for experts. As this producer continues to defy formula and rewrite DNB's blueprint, it becomes clear that only one word can adequately describe this future sound of drum & bass… NickBee.

★★★ Mean Teeth (LT/EE) ★★★
[ Bad Taste Recordings / Renegade Hardware ]

- - -
Mean Teeth was founded after a series of successful collaborations between Voice and Ophzet – two producers from Estonia and Lithuania, who joined forces in order to bring their vision of funky, dark and aggressive drum and bass into fruition. With releases on such labels like Bad Taste Recordings, Plasma, Renegade Hardware and Neurofunkgrid, among artists like Gridlok, DLR and Machinecode with a foray of collaborations with the scenes most exciting newcomers, Mean Teeth are hell-bent to cement their feet firmly as the future pioneers of heavy drum & bass. 2017 saw the inclusion of a 3rd member – an Estonian producer by the name of Cosmistic, who’s skills have already been proven by a release on the late Ammunition Recordings. Now the trio are aiming to push their collective sound in every direction and to become a household name among the worldwide drum & bass community.

★★★ INSECT (EE) ★★★
[ Med School / Future Funk Music / Kelder ]

- - -
Insect aka Sven Vertmann is a drum ‘n’ bass and electronic producer and DJ located in Tallinn, Estonia. He has been involved with music his whole life and has been producing music for the last decade. Insect's tracks have been released by several local and foreign record companies including UK's finest MedSchool Music (Hospital Records), Automate DNB and several other similar labels: Belgian MINDTECH, Future Funk Music, T3K recordings and Estonian labels such as Through Sounds and Kelder. Insect's music is characterized by futuristic and minimal sounds. His DJ-sets are filled with high energy, bass heavy music.
Insect has performed at events like Therapy Sessions, "Black Sun Empire at Bassick", Tallinn Music Week's DNB showcases both in 2016/2017 and Bassiõhtu/Kelder events, to name a few. He also arranges and hosts his own events, such as "inSector" and "Haamer" which take place in various venues mostly around in Tallinn.

★★★ Frqncs (EE) ★★★
[ Mean Teeth jr.]


Only 15 yrs. old, but already is a drum and bass producer and a DJ based in Estonia, also known, as the little brother of Mean Teeth´s Marius.

★★★ CONFLICT (EE) ★★★


★★★ LÄTTE (EE) ★★★
[ Kelder / Bassiõhtu ]


Sissepääs / Entry:

Kuni / Till 00:00 | 5,- EUR
Peale / After 00:00 | 7,- eur
Garderoob / wardrobe | 1,- eur

(Tickets available only in cash / piletite müük toimub ainult sularahas)
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