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19/08/2020 23:09

Rumbleton-Exclusive Mix-The Everyday Junglist Podcast


Track list:
Drummotive - Synchronism (Next Phase)
Wetman ft. Ornette Hawkins - RA (Omni)
Fanu - B-Side Science (Metalheadz forthcoming)
T- Cuts - Night Scene - (Mined)
Dodz - Mandala (Dub)
Source Direct - DiAMONDS (Odysee)
ADM - Shadows Of The Future (Scientific Wax LTD. forthcoming)
Mr. Sensi & Tim Reaper - Lost City (Meeting Of The Minds)
J Majik - Arabian Nights VIP (Infared)
Asanyeh - This Is it (Origin EP Forthcoming)
Double O - Love (Lost Files Vol.4)
The Chalice Crew - Blessing The Chalice Verse1 (The Holy Chalice)
Dub One - The Culture (Scientific Wax forthcoming)
Unknown Soldier - Roots Man Fire (Haterz Gonna Hate)
Rumbleton - Soul Survival (Stand Firm Hi-Fi Dub)
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